I married my gorgeous wife Katelyn in the summer of 2012. In 2014 we adopted Barnaby, a pekingese/chihuahua (and maybe corgi) mix who is the love of our lives. My wife is a speech-language pathologist working in the Riverside area. 

I've been an avid photographer since 2011. I started getting invested in photography by shooting pictures with my iPhone, but in time I wanted to learn more about photography so I picked up some film and my mom's old Yashica MG-1. I loved the experience so much that I started shooting with other cameras until I landed on the camera of my dreams: the Fuji X-E1. 

For me photography is about the ability to forever freeze a moment in time. Photographs can communicate so much because we're full of so much emotion, purpose, and substance. That's why ultimately I think photography is about people. Even when I take a picture of a flower or a landscape I'm communicating something about me and the things that I like, never mind when I snap a picture of my wife or when I capture a client's smile or a glance at a loved one. No matter how many times I read about the science of how cameras capture things, I still can't help but see it as magic. There's something more there because there's something more to all of us. 

I would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and talk about whatever your photography needs are. To set up an appointment just click the link here and fill in the details. I look forward to meeting with you!